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Z. Zhang, R. Li, S. Cao, Z. Y. Cnrs, ;. France et al., She's currently working in the T2i team of the LIUPPA laboratory (France), in collaboration with Nobatek, a private technology center, applying research to innovative services in the fields of sustainable development and construction. She holds a Master's degree (M2) in Database and Artificial Intelligence from the University of Bourgogne (France) and a Master's degree in Telecommunications and, Similarity Metric in XML Documents. Knowledge Management and Experience Management Workshop, 2003. Joe Tekli is an Assistant Professor in the ECE Department, 2009.

, He is currently a Full Professor in the Computer Science Department in IUT de Bayonne in Anglet, France. His current research interests are in the areas of multimedia information retrieval, XML and RSS Similarity, access control models, and digital ecosystems, France in 2001 and then his Habilitation degree in 2010 from the University of